Last Words

These are my last words writing from the café at the local leisure centre where I go every Wednesday during term time as a parent volunteer for my son’s swimming class. It’s their final session today.

My lad has gone from being so anxious about swimming that he didn’t want to go at all, to wanting to go for swimming lessons now the class sessions are over.

The café that was closed has reopened, although I still haven’t bought anything. They have new tables and chairs, too, which is nice.

It’s been something a personal journey for me, too. Having an hour or so in relatively undisturbed peace and quiet just to write whatever comes into my head (and publish to my has felt very therapeutic. I feel like something significant has changed within me, for the better.

I can’t say what, exactly, for a number of reasons, not in public. Maybe another time.

I’m also wondering if it’s a permanent change, or if it will all unravel. And I’m also feeling some sense of loss. Something that has been a part of me for a long time has gone. Even though it had an overall bad effect on my life, it was a regular companion. It won’t be missed, exactly, but it takes some getting used to, it not being here.

I’ll need to find somewhere else to write.