It’s my 365 day ‘anniversary’ on micro.blog.

When I moved here last year, it was in the wake of the X-ification of Twitter, the exodus to Mastodon, and generally wanting to start blogging/writing again.

I’m still on Twitter/X, and left Mastodon to move. I did start blogging a bit more to begin with, but that soon tailed off to nothing, as it always does.

I did try to interact with the micro.blog community, and I follow quite a few people here and find their posts interesting enough to bookmark on a regular basis.

But I wasn’t really looking for community, or even interaction particularly. More a place to keep in touch with a few old identi.ca/Mastodon friends, and have my own place on the web.

My recent new volunteering role has meant I have a regular time and space to write, and I realise now that what’s important (as everyone who writes always says), is simply to write (and publish). Nothing’s ever finished or perfect, and it doesn’t need to be. Very few (external) links or photos, or anything that isn’t writing.

And I like it.