A New Ingerland

I wasn't even born when we won the World Cup
I'm forty-six now and all hope I've given up
My wife asks me now 'Why don't you be a better fan?'
But all the players I loved at school already failed for Ingerland 
I loved you then, but I don't love you still
I bet you'd beat Portugal, but it ended nil-nil
I don't feel bad about letting you go
I just feel bad about letting you know...

There's no way we'll win the World Cup
Unless we play like a new Ingerland
And win at penalties

I loved the games in Italia '90
But that was bloody years ago!
I can't survive on the rubbish since then
Every time we go down to ten men... 
I saw two shooting stars last night
I looked at them, but they were only highlights
Is it wrong to wish on the BBC?
I wish, I wish, but here's reality...